Monday, October 12, 2009

The First Real Disappointment

I've been looking for an agent for several months now without much luck. I don't get excited about hearing from any of them unless they show some interest first. But, lately there were two agencies that requested additional material based only on the query letter. Well, long story short, one of the agencies I was waiting to hear from finally got back to me, but rejected my work. This one was a disappointment because they were actually interested in the concept enough to ask for the first several chapters and a summary. I was really hoping they would ask for the full manuscript but they weren't enthusiastic enough about it to ask to read the rest. In other words, once again, it was a general rejection.

I'm hoping if I'm rejected by the next one they'll at least have some feedback for me, positive or negative. What I'm really hoping for though, is that the other agency will at least request for me to send the entire first book. The manuscript can speak for itself.

Anyway, I'm not giving up. I'm determined that this series will be published, but if I get another rejection from the next agency, I'll have to start going down the list again starting at the last place that I stopped. Keep me in your prayers and please wish me luck.

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