Friday, December 4, 2009

Happy Holidays...

Well, still no word from the last agent yet. Still, I've decided to wait until January to send out the next group of agent letters anyway. Also, for whatever reason I'm having a bit of writer's block this month, so I'm mostly concentrating on getting my chores done and getting ready for Christmas.

I've thankfully finished sending an announcement for the Christmas party (it was a little later than I wanted it to be since the party is on the 19th, but I'm at least hoping to have a little participation.) Like last year, I'm having everyone involved bring something to eat, so this time hopefully I'll have a little less to do to prepare. Even though costume parties are fun, I tend to be more laid back at the Christmas party and actually enjoy it more because I'm not stressing out as much over refills of food, etc.

I'm excited about Christmas. Like I said, it's a more important time for me since it is a religious holiday. I'm trying to keep that in mind since it's easy to get caught up in all of the lights, decorations, food, parties, etc. without remembering why it's so important. I'm actually involved in Lake Murray's Baptist Church's production of "This Man Called Jesus," this year, which should also help me keep the true meaning in mind. (Friends who are reading this, you should come see it. It's a very elaborate production with a very powerful message.)

I'll keep you updated on the writing. Right now, though, I'm thinking there won't be much writing this month. Next week I'll probably write a review of the book I most recently finished, Ted Dekker's "Sinner." It will actually probably be a general review on Ted Dekker's books involving the "Circle" series. I've read almost all of them now and I am a big fan. Talk to you then, in the meantime, Happy Holidays!

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