Friday, December 17, 2010

Blarg...busy month.

Hello again,

This month has been so busy! I've been decorating the house, throwing Christmas parties, and working on a role-playing game that involves me making more than one character (and I overdid it as always). I am also getting ready to attend two birthday parties, and hopefully see Tron this weekend. (I'll probably do another movie review for a change of pace if all goes well.)

Anyway, sorry I haven't been blogging much. This month has flown by, so I'm going to sum up briefly what I've been up to.

So far, the writer's block is still plaguing me, so I've been writing some very detailed and long character histories and tormenting my GM's with them. To be fair, I have told them they don't have to read the long epic tome I present them with, that I can paraphrase it, but thus far they've still read it anyway. I might post a section of one of those if I deem it to be good enough, but otherwise it won't see the light of day.

I'm using the opportunity to experiment on writing in the first person perspective, since I usually write in third for just about all of my stories. The character history I'm working on now is actually pretty dark. It's also set in a general fantasy medieval time period, so I might be able to publish it if I do a good enough job. Still, with writer's block, usually these sort of stories are just written to keep me from getting too rusty.

I threw my annual Christmas party last week. It was a big success. I think everyone had a good time. There was more than enough food, as always. We make the Christmas Party a sort of pot-luck dinner. We all had a good meal, watched Christmas movies, and played Rock Band. Mission accomplished!

This week, was probably one of the worst weeks ever for me. A stray pit bull showed up in our yard. He was slightly aggressive and very nervous about people, and he was practically starving. He wasn't so thin that he was a skeleton, but he wasn't a healthy weight. He warmed up to me and hated my husband, and since we have cats (and I couldn't be sure he was healthy since he wouldn't let me close enough to put a leash on him) I couldn't let him inside. Also, our yard isn't fenced in so I couldn't keep him if I wanted to.

Long story short, I had to call the pound on him because he seemed a little too dangerous, and honestly, it was far crueler to do nothing and let him starve or freeze to death. I'm so softhearted when it comes to animals, it tore me up to do it. I tried to find a no-kill shelter, but no one seems to be taking new animals, especially pit bulls. It was one the hardest things I've had to do and I still don't feel good about it. Still, there are children in this neighborhood and the dog was obviously abused and slightly aggressive--being responsible sucks ALOT. FML.

Still, that incident has made me think about getting a dog at some point. I'm thinking of rescuing a racing greyhound when the time comes. Still, we'll need the yard fenced in entirely, and possibly an addition on the house before that happens. It'll have to be after the baby, but it is something to think about.

Well, that's about it. I've been busy busy busy. I'm thinking at this point that my new years resolutions will be to have a baby and beat the writer's block, both goals that I think are attainable for next year.

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