Thursday, March 17, 2011

See You on the Dark Side of the Moon...

Hello all,

Well, it's close to the end of the week, so I thought I would go ahead and write another blog entry. There isn't much to say about this week. Since I worked very hard last week, I've been trying to take it a little easier this time around. I've worked just hard enough that I know I'll finish my chores by the end of the day tomorrow. In my free time I've been doing a little bit of brain storming on that changeling novel, trying to put the finishing touches on my "Redemption" story, screwing around on the internet, and playing a little WoW. I've also started a prayer journal, and that's pretty nice.

This last weekend was very busy. We built a new set of stairs for the front porch of our house. Thank you again to all of my friends who helped out on that. You are awesome. I also gamed more than I have in a very long time. We played Ars Magica, the Grimm game (the one I run), and Swashbucklers of the Seven Skies. But, it left me feeling a little tired this week, that and changing the darn time and losing an hour of sleep... I still don't think my sleep schedule has caught up yet. Anyway, I won't have the cover finished this week for "Eternity Game." I'm hoping for the next.

The big news is that my birthday is coming up on Tuesday. I'll be twenty nine. Hence the title of this blog, because I really don't know where the time went. It's not getting older that's bothering me as much as how quickly the years slipped away. It feels like I was in my mid-twenties maybe a year ago, but clearly that isn't the case. It's spooky, and the years don't seem to want to dance any slower. Still, I'm okay with that. Twenty-nine isn't that old, but like I said, it just snuck up on me and makes me realize that I'm not as young as I once was.

I should probably start taking better care of myself, establish good habits now, etc. I probably won't though. I'm also realizing if I ever want a tattoo or another type of piercing my time is running out for that as well. (I got a belly-button piercing last time I felt this way...)

Well, happy reading and writing to you all. I hope you have a good weekend. I think I will. I have a fun birthday party planned and the weather should be good. Take care.

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