Saturday, March 1, 2014

I've got a Golden Ticket!

"I never had a chance to shine, never a happy song to sing, but suddenly half the world is mine, what an amazing thing!  'Cause I got a golden ticket..."

I can now answer the question from one of my previous blogs.  Do I have a golden ticket?  Yes, apparently I do.  I also believe in my last blog entry I said that it would be "some miracle of God" if I became a finalist for the Dark Crystal Authorquest competition.  Well, thank you God!  I'm officially one of the top five authors chosen for the contest.  It's actually a really humbling experience.  I don't feel like my story was any better than anyone else who entered, but I'm very grateful.

I'm also elated to say that my writer's block is completely gone.  I think what I needed was a little encouragement and an actual deadline again.  Shortly after I found out that I was on the top five I started working on the outline again.  (That will be due as the next part of the judging process.)  The ideas are flowing like a chocolate waterfall.

I'm so excited about this project.  I really, really hope that I win.  This would be my dream job, and I really want to write the book now that I've nearly finished the outline.  I feel like it's a good story that needs to be told.  I'm going to keep praying and do my best.  If my best isn't good enough, then I have no business writing the novel anyway.

They asked, if I won, if I could finish the book in two months.  Over the phone I acted hesitant, but now that I've started working hard on the outline, I can definitely say that I can.  I know it for a fact.  I've written books in two months before, and this time I have so many ideas that I know I can knock it out of the park.  I just need to be given the chance.

Even if I don't win the contest, I feel honored just being included in the top five.  At least, I'll be able to be a part of something amazing.  I also feel it might still open up some more opportunities for me.  The Jim Henson company is planning to produce an e-book compilation of the top five stories.  When they do, who knows, maybe someone will be interested in my other work.  Still, I'd much rather win the contest and work for Grosset and Dunlap (Penguin Books) and Jim Henson Company.  As I said, that would be my dream job.    

Now, I just have to avoid rivers of chocolate, new chewing gum, golden geese, and television transporters, and maybe even fizzy lifting drinks.  Wish me luck.  

In all seriousness, I'm going to have that outline polished to a shine by March 15th.  March 15th is when I find out what revisions I need to make on the opening chapters that I submitted and they will start accepting outlines.  Hopefully, the revisions won't cause a problem with the current plot of the outline, but I'll cross that bridge if it becomes a problem.

I wanted to tell everyone who has supported me, "Thank you."  I especially want to say "Thank you," to Diane, who told me about this contest and has been a good friend to me.  I couldn't have gotten here without my friends and family, and all the people who told me never to give up on my dreams.

Well, I'd better get back to work.  Keep reading and writing!

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