Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Waiting is the Hardest Part

Hello all.  I know, it's been a long time.

Despite the fact it's been a while since I've written in the blog, there isn't too much to report.  Basically, I'm waiting to hear the results of the Dark Crystal contest.  I have to admit, I'm a little bit stressed about it.  I guess I wanted to win much more than I realized.  I knew it was one of my dreams, but getting so close to finding out if I'm going to get to write that book or not is killing me.  For a few weeks now, I've had alternating dreams of winning and losing, to the point that now I just really want to know the final result.  I won't have to wait long now, though.  The judging is supposed to take place sometime in June.  Today is May the 29th.  I'm staring to feel a little fluttery in my stomach just thinking about that...

On a brighter note, I mailed my contract for the e-book today, so that's definitely going to happen.  It's exciting to think of being published again, so I'm looking very forward to it.  (And, truthfully, I really can use the extra spending money...the trip to DragonCon is coming up as well as Disney World, and the new Jim Butcher novel is out.)  Win or lose, I'm still very happy that I got to be a part of this.  Being in that e-book is so much more than I expected when I first wrote the story, and I feel honored just for the recognition.  

This whole thing has made me think more about what originally caused me to want to be a writer.  I started thinking about my original dreams too, the ones I've had the longest.  One of them I've never even attempted...  

When I was in middle school, I used to read the "Goosebumps" series by R. L. Stine.  I think that might even the first series that caused me to like horror as a genre. (I started reading Stephen King shortly after that.)  Anyway, after reading those stories I wanted to attempt to write a horror story for younger readers, somewhere between ages ten and twelve but I've never even tried it.  It was one of the reasons I liked running that Little Fears game for my friends so much.  For some reason, I have very vivid memories of my elementary school and my elementary school teachers and how everything felt more magical as a child, and much more frightening.  Well, long story short, I've decided to try to write a young reader horror story while I wait to hear the results of the contest, and I've already finished the first few chapters.  

I feel like it's going pretty well.  I like my characters, my plot, and the way that I'm setting up the first book.  The first book is going to be a combination of five short stories featuring a different main character each time that intermingle.  (For example, some of the characters will be introduced as friends of the main character in the first story.  Also, things that happen in the first story might leave a lasting change in the next one, like if someone patches up a hole in a fence, then in the next story, that hole will be patched up, etc.  The stories will happen in chronological order, only with a different main character for each.)  Something supernatural or unexplained will happen to each of the children and in the end of the novel they're going to form a monster hunting and supernatural investigating club.  

If the first book is successful, subsequent books will be about the group trying to solve supernatural mysteries for the children in their school and the main character of each book will depend on who was approached by the person they are trying to help.  The main characters will continue to be the five featured in the first book, Duane, Ian, Sophie, Jane, and Nick.  I like the thought of five courageous children facing off against the forces of darkness to make life better for other children, and to conquer their own fears.   

Anyway, that's the general idea.  I'm pretty excited about it, because it gets my mind off of waiting and allows me to continue to keep working.  Win or lose, I need to keep writing.  That way, my style and grammar will continue to improve, which will help me write the Dark Crystal story if I win, and at least I'll have something to show for my time if I don't.     

Well, that's about it.  Please keep praying for me and keep reading and writing.  The new Dresden Files book came out on May 27th.  I didn't have the money to buy it.  ::sigh::  But, I will be borrowing it from my friends soon and plan buy it later when I have the money.  READ THE DRESDEN FILES IF YOU HAVEN'T YET!  It's a good series.  (I'm talking to you, Joel.)

I'll try to keep in touch this time, but now I have to go.  The baby will wake up soon.  Also, it's time to work on my young reader horror project.  Wish me luck.

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