Sunday, November 1, 2015

Crimson Peak

Well, I said my next blog would be about the Halloween Party, but that will be my next entry.  I actually got to go out with friends and watch a movie (for a change...), and it's been awhile since I've written a movie review on this blog.  I went to see Crimson Peak, and let me tell you, it scratched every itch in my brain.

I love Gothic horror as a genre, and even though there are other themes, overall the movie is definitely Gothic horror.  The mansion in the movie is perfect, complete with walls that ooze blood red clay.  It's also set in the Victorian era, which for some reason is my favorite time period.  There are elements of romance and mystery intermixed with ghostly thrills.  Also, among other good actors/actresses there is Tom Hiddleston.  (I'm quite a fan of Tom Hiddleston, and there are a few love scenes including one where he is almost nude.  I was told later by my husband and my friends that I was wearing a stupid grin through most of the romance scenes and most of the movie in general.  My husband would occasionally glance at me and laugh...)

I'm not saying this movie changed my life, or that it was high art, but it was a good movie if you like Gothic Horror.  If you don't like that genre, you won't like the movie, but it's worth seeing if nothing more than for the elaborate sets, nice costumes, and the occasional jump scare.  Also, the main character is a female writer struggling to get noticed in a time period where no one takes her seriously.  For those of us who are female writers trying to be taken seriously, this is definitely something we can relate to.  I like Guillermo del Toro, and once again he didn't disappoint me.  Go see it on the big screen, because I'm not sure if you'll get the overall effect on a normal sized TV.  Either way, I'll definitely be getting it on Bluray when it comes out.  Beware though, this movie gets pretty gory.  

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