Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Manhattan Book Review

Hello Everyone,

Sorry it's been so long since I blogged.  Life has a tendency to get in the way.  With two children sick with a fever of one hundred and four degrees and a sick husband, I just haven't had much time.  Honestly, I've been too worried about them to write.  However, recently I had some good news that I wanted to share.

Manhattan Book Review gave my novel Blood Rain five stars!  I still can't believe it.  The reviewer isn't a fan of science fiction or fantasy, but she loved the book anyway.  I feel that's probably the best compliment I've had on my work.  If someone who doesn't enjoy the genre still likes the book, it means that I've accomplished my goal.  I wanted the characters to win over a wider audience.  I'm starting to think this series has that potential. One of the things she said was she loved my flawed, dynamic characters.  I love them too, despite the fact I torture them so much.

Here's a link to the actual review.

Manhattan Book Review Blood Rain

I really don't know how to react to that kind of praise, but it does give me encouragement to keep writing and I'm very humbled.  I never even imagined that two professional literary journals would enjoy my stories so much.  Now, I just hope that more people start to read it.

I also wanted to give you an important update.  With so many illnesses and issues coming up over the holidays, I'm afraid the release of Blood Moon and my edits on Blood Rain will have to be postponed until probably the end of January or the middle of February.  Also, this means the print to order copy of Blood Rain will have to be postponed as well.  I'm sorry.  I'm usually better about achieving my deadlines, but one of my editors is sick.  On the bright side, I've almost caught up with all the edits that I have currently.  Also, it gives me more time to work on the third and final book, Blood God.

In other news, I have the second and third book of the Clockwork Angel series to read in my spare time (whenever that will be).  When I'm finished catching up on edits, I still plan to write a review of Clockwork Angel on this blog.  It might not be fresh in my mind anymore, but I remember the key things I loved about it and the things I didn't like.  I think it deserves some attention, because I loved the concept of urban fantasy in a steampunk setting and it might be something I try my hand at after the Blood Rain series is over.

Anyway, keep reading and writing!  I'll try to do better about writing in this blog more often.

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