Monday, December 18, 2017

Blood God coming soon!

Hey Everybody,

I just wanted to let you know that I'm finished editing, and the e-book of Blood God will be finished in time for Christmas! Also, I'll be doing everything in my power to make sure the print edition is ready shortly thereafter. (Inevitably, there will be some issues with the first test prints, so I'm not promising the print edition will be done by Christmas, but there is a possibility. We'll see. I'll be sure to keep you posted for when it's ready as well.)

I'm really excited about seeing the final book in print. Joey did a wonderful job with the cover and it will be great to see it in person. Also, I did the best I could to wrap up the series in a satisfying way, and I think if you followed the other two you'll like it. It feels very good to have finished a full trilogy, especially when I practically had to rewrite the first book. It was very worth it. I'm glad Mercy got to see her journey all the way through. 

If you're wondering what you'll be seeing from me in the future, I've started negotiations for covers for my Junior Investigators Club series. I think that's going well, but I'll tell you more about that once I know for sure. Either way, I intend to publish these in the near future. I'm guessing sometime around the middle of next year, but who knows, maybe even a little sooner. I don't have many edits to do, so once I have the covers I should be able to produce them pretty quickly. Even though the first books start technically around Halloween, I figure they can be read at any time and still be enjoyable. I probably will go ahead and publish them and do a marketing campaign around Halloween. I think that would work pretty well.  

I mentioned in my last blog I wasn't sure what to write next. I think at this point I'll work a little more on the Junior Investigator's Club when I have time. (Before the illustrator needs to add the title, I might try and think of a better name for the series too...) I still have two novellas to finish, though the fourth is well on the way and the fifth is completely outlined and started. Thankfully, these don't take me very long because I feel a certain passion for writing them. When I'm done with the first five, I'll see how well received they are. If I develop a decent fan base for the stories, I'll make more. I have plenty of ideas. 

While I'm waiting to see how Junior Investigator's club does, I'll probably work on something a little different. I intend to make some changes on my Steampunk love story, "The Guildsmen," but I think I could use a change of pace for the new year. I'll have to think on it. Wish me luck.

Keep Reading and Writing,


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