Friday, April 9, 2010

Posts of the Future...

Well, here's a preview of posts to come.

For one thing, my high school ten year reunion is tomorrow. I have to admit, that ten years went by very quickly. I had hoped that my first novel would be published by now, but considering what a late start I got on my writing, I still think I'm doing pretty well. Still, it isn't sounding like there are going to be very many people at the reunion which is pretty disappointing. I'm really not sure what to expect, but I'm hoping there's at least one person there to talk to.

I'm still reading "The Stand." (This is the uncut version, so even though I'm on page three hundred and fifty, I'm not even close to the middle.) I like it so far, but I don't typically dig post apocalyptic settings. So, considering I like it enough to still be reading it, it's pretty good. I'll write a review on that when I finish. Some of my new friends promised to lend me a copy of "The Dresden Files" so I'll probably have to take a break from "The Stand" to read that if they get it to me before I finish. Wish me luck on finishing "The Stand" before that happens. (I hate putting down one book to read another, but from what I understand this book series is awesome.)

I've become addicted to the show "Supernatural." My friends were right, it really is right up my ally. It's good inspiration for the type of books and short stories I like to write. It's nice to know that writing for television shows is finally getting good again. (I know, Supernatural has been out for a while, but we're just now getting to watch it.)

Other than that, I'm on fifty thousand words in "Everburn" and soon I'll be ready to look for another agent. I'm very grateful to my friend Josh for all of his help in giving me ideas for publishing companies to submit the story to. I'm enjoying steampunk immensely so I might write another steampunk story when I'm done with this one. (Either way, "Everburn" is the first novel of a series, but I think I'd also try to write one regular steampunk story without the addition of fantasy as well.)

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