Thursday, April 1, 2010

Random Acts of Nancy

Sorry this blog post is so random and that I didn't blog last week, but I've been working very hard on my newest book and have been very busy. I'm glad to say that for once I don't have writer's block, in fact, quite the opposite. Everyday I've felt the need to write and have written consistently almost ten words a day. I'm now nearly 50,000 words into "Everburn" at 150 pages. I think I'm a little over halfway done with the plot as well, so thankfully I'm on schedule. I think when I'm done with this book I'm going to call on the few contacts that I have in this business to ask some advice on what agency to send it to. Since it's a steampunk fantasy novel, I have no clue.

Other than the novel, I've been trying to think of a way to make money. (As everyone knows, you don't get into the writing industry to make money, and so my funds are running low.) I've sent a few ideas to T-shirt hell in the hopes that they'll like one of them. They are, "Please don't trouble me with your intellectual masturbation," "Flaccid Wit," and "I have anti-social (or antisocial) skills." I coined these phrases on various occasions, and I thought they were funny. Hopefully those working at will think the same. In the meantime, I might be getting a real job in a few months as well. Still, I won't stop writing even if I have to do it at night or on the weekends--I still need to feed the addiction.

Also, I've come up with what I think is a clever idea for a new Disney theme park, and now that John Lasseter of Pixar is in charge of theme parks at Disney World, it might be about time for me to pitch it. I've had this idea for years, and I've come up with some interesting concepts for rides, restaurants, shows, etc. So, now I'm working on concept art and writing up all of my ideas to see if Disney would be interested in buying said ideas, or even better, hiring me to work on this concept. Wish me lots of luck, because I'll need lots of luck to pull it off. I think the ideas are good and speak for themselves, the key being if someone will listen, and if they'll treat me fairly. If anyone in the industry would, Lasseter seems to be the type. A person can dream, and I'm going to work hard to make my dreams come true. It was always my dream to work for Disney, and I'd like to pull it off any way that I can. I was inspired with this idea, and I think that inspiration shows through. I think Walt Disney would've loved it.

I'm looking very forward to a vacation coming up in a few weeks, as well as my five year wedding anniversary. Soon, I'll be going out of town for a long weekend at Garden City Beach. Even though I'm enjoying writing, I've been feeling very cooped up and need to get out of the house. Maybe I'll take my work with me, but I'm thinking there won't be much working going on. I'll be lying on the beach, doing a little swimming, shopping, and drinking fruity adult beverages with little umbrellas in them...sweet. Sometimes life is awesome. I'm glad to say that things finally seem to be looking up.

Well, I'm off to work on my character for the game, "Vampire, the Requiem." I'm going to do a little gaming tonight, which is very nice for a change of pace. I haven't been in a game for a long time, and I'm really looking forward to it. (Not because I haven't had the time so much as no one has been running.) Anyway, it should be a blast.

Well, off I go. Keep reading and writing!

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  1. I've got a few ideas for publishers you could submit the book to, if you'd like to hear 'em. Drop me a line at argus33 at hotmail dot com, and I'll shoot them to you, if you're interested.