Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Hello everybody,

Just thought I would let you know I'm in a great mood this week due to the fact that I've purchased Muse tickets for when they tour in North Carolina during October. I'm totally psyched up about it. Muse is the group I listen to the most. I find them very inspirational for my writing and I've wanted to see them in concert since I started listening to them. It's very rare that I find a group where I like just about every song they sing and that is talented enough that their music doesn't sound the same every single album. I'm glad to say that with Muse I've found both.

Also, for some reason, this week has been very good for me. The weekend that led up to this week went swimmingly. The Grimm game went very well and the game later that night went well also. I've been very productive and yet I've balanced a lot of fun in with it, and Joel and I are getting along very well. I'm also almost done with all of the chores for the week already. I just hope things start going a little better for some of my other friends. It seems this week has been bad for a lot of people so far. I'll have to wait and see and do my best to cheer them up.

Also, I'm finally completely finished with the World of Warcraft story. I had to rework the ending a little bit because I realized it was way too abrupt. That's the only problem with working with word limits. If you get carried away with the story, something has to give, and usually that's the ending. I spent a few hours today trimming away extraneous sentences and working with the ending and I believe it made everything much smoother. Hopefully whoever is judging the contest will think so as well, but I'm not getting my hopes up too high.

Today, as soon as I finish this blog, I'm planning to get started on the web comic. I'm hoping to at least get the first doodles of our characters finished. That way, I can start the comic tomorrow afternoon and be finished by the end of this week or the beginning of the next. Now, that being said, barring an emergency or massive computer failure, I'm going to be held accountable. I know better than to promise something on the internet and then go back on that promise, except in the case of New Years resolutions (everyone goes back on those). So, I'm going to work on the web comic and post it on the blog as soon as I'm done. I hope you like it, but I'd better go ahead and go so I can keep my promise to you. Take care.

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