Thursday, August 12, 2010

New Goal: Web Comics

Just a brief update. Sorry I haven't been on very often, but I've been very busy. I just got back from the beach on Sunday. It was a very fun trip, but I was very tired. I think in a way I'm still recovering from it. It was one of those trips that was lots of fun, but not very restful. I was planning to do a lot of work while I was there, but for once all I felt like doing was resting. Still, I'm glad to say that I finished the WoW story on Monday, so I should be able to turn it in any day now. (The sooner the better.)

Other than that, my project for this week is mostly to plan for running my Grimm game on Sunday. (It's a table top role-playing game about children trapped in fairy tale lands, only the fairy tales are twisted into fractured fairy tales that have a horror slant.) I have lots of places to map out, so please wish me luck on finishing in time. Also, while I was at the beach, I came up with a new goal that hopefully will help make a web presence for me.

I'm going to start drawing a web comic very soon. It'll mostly be about video games, but it'll also be about movies, life, etc., anything that I find humorous. I've started character sketches and the first comic is going to be about the lightning strike that took out most of our electronics. I've already got it story boarded out. (Joel actually mostly did that for me, but we came up with the idea together.) It should be pretty fun to do and hopefully pretty funny.

Since Joel bought me a tablet, it should be a lot easier and more fun to draw on the computer. I can finally work with my left hand. I got used to using a right handed mouse when I was a graphic designer, but my left hand is the one that I usually draw with. Anyway, I like my tablet, and this is how I'm going to utilize it. This will not only hopefully get me at least a small internet following, but I can use this to sharpen my Graphic Design skills and more samples of work in case I want to break back into the industry. It would be nice to make a little money with some freelance work. We'll see.

Anyway, wish me luck on the web comic. I probably won't get to work on it much this week, but hopefully next week I'll have plenty of time. When I finish it, I'll be sure to post it on the blog. Until then, take care and keep reading!

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