Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Nancy Gray's Writing Logo

Hello all.

Well, so far so good on the writing this week.  I'm up to 67,000 words in "Blood Rain" and I think I'll be able to hit 80,000 by the end.  I might have more to say later in the week, but for now, I wanted to show you my new writing logo.  I'm going to have it up on the website, once I'm done with it, and on the business cards that I'll be passing out at DragonCon.  I hope that you like it.  "RavenQuill" sounds be a good tag line for something since it's kind of what the logo is, though I probably won't use it.  After all, it looks like it's already close to the name of a publishing company and I don't want to step on anyone's toes.  Still, I think this logo itself is a pretty good representative for me and my work.  I came up with the idea because a raven is often associated with dark themes and creativity, and since most of my books have dark themes, I think this logo works.  Here it is.

  Me Gusta.

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