Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Busy, busy, busy!

Hello everyone,

Sorry I missed blogging last week.  I'm going to try to do better.  I joined the WriMo group for South Carolina and I have to say it's really motivated me to write.  I've been a writing machine for the last two weeks.  So far, I'm at 20,000 words in the second novel of the trilogy, "Blood Moon."  I hope that I can keep it up.  Wish me luck.  It really does help me to have my novels planned out and to have a deadline that I'm trying to keep.

I also am getting geared up for Dragoncon and am very excited that I'll be able to attend the writing workshop.  It sounds like Jody Nye got my manuscript and everything is set up.  I'm also planning to pack my steampunk outfit for the masquerade ball.  This party is going to be epic.  :-D

Other than that, there isn't much new to report.  I need to take a look at my website and update a few things.  I'll probably do that later this week.  I also need to make sure that I keep up my housework and get back into my exercise routine.  While I have been working very hard on writing lately, other things sometimes get pushed back, which I don't like.  Still, I don't think you can have everything.  I'll keep you posted on anything new.  Hopefully, I'll have the intro to the new book on the website soon as a writing sample.  Keep reading and Writing!

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