Monday, July 20, 2009

Time for a Change

Even though I love the cyberpunk genre, I'm thinking of taking a break from it and working on a new fantasy novel. Still, before I go into the "why," I'd like to tell you a little more about my completed trilogy of novels.

The trilogy of cyberpunk books I've written take place in "Cimmerian City," a futuristic city with the ruins of the original city buried beneath it in a series of underground caves. I'm content with how the books turned out, and I only have one more to proof read for content before they'll all be ready for some serious editing, and hopefully publishing. I've started on a fourth book in this universe as well, but I just don't want to burn myself out on the setting or the characters. They mean to much to me to do that.

This is the teaser I always send with my query letters for the first novel of the series, Eternity Game. Let me know what you think.

The main character, Rose, is rescued from a plane hijacking by a mysterious stranger named Julio and a romance begins to bloom. Rose and Julio are swept into a plot of corporate sabotage when androids are brutally destroyed in the building where Rose works. One of her friends even goes missing while trying to solve the mystery. Rose’s life is also repeatedly threatened when the conspirators believe she knows too much. When Rose and Julio finally bring those responsible to justice, Rose is confronted by Julio’s mysterious past and he is forced to reveal himself as a vampire. His offer to turn her into a vampire is the catalyst for her kidnapping and ultimately involvement in a dark underworld that she never knew existed.

All of the novels I'm writing in the cyberpunk universe take place in this city and are connected to each other by characters and the way the characters interact with the world. For instance, in one of the later books Julio is forced to resort to something horrific to survive, feeding on an infant. He manages to help the child survive. One day, that same child will be one of the main characters in a novel called "Extraordinary," a book about a group of teenagers with psychic abilities taking place in the same city. I'm about one hundred and fifty pages into that novel as well. Ironically, I came up with the idea for that novel before I started writing the trilogy. (Something else you should know about me, I'm a speed writer. I wrote the trilogy in a little less than a year, and I didn't rush through it.)

However, even though I love this series, I'm going to take a break from it and write something totally different. I haven't gotten far in the fantasy novel I'm planning, but I can tell you a little more about the setting. It takes place in a world where strong emotional settings give life to the creatures of chaos, the fey. The fey rely on the humans to feed on their memories, dreams, emotions, and sometimes even their souls, but as with most entities born from imagination, there are good fey and bad. For instance, if they're manifesting on an old battleground, they might become the likeness of ghosts or wraiths. If they're in a forest surrounded by superstition, they might become dragons, unicorns, or tree spirits. The plot of the book centers around a girl who finds out that she is in actuality a changeling. She's shunned from both worlds, but has to find her place in both of them.

Anyway, let me know what you think. The idea is still in it's early stages. Thanks for reading.

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