Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Weird Carolinas and Ghost Hunting

I love South Carolina. Still, to the rest of the world, I know this city looks like a population of hicks and rednecks. I blame the media for that. Whenever there's a hurricane or a natural disaster, it seems they always interview the people with the least amount of teeth, especially if those people happen to be illiterate. Not to mention the controversy over the "rebel flag." (Please, don't get me started...)

Still, my love for this state was rekindled as I picked up the book "Weird Carolinas." It reminded me of all the strange folktales and haunted places in this state. We have lizard-men, ghosts, eccentric artists, cryptozoological animals, and buildings dating back to the civil war, most of which are also haunted. Not to mention the tunnels under the main streets, occupied by "The Third Eye Man." (And people wonder why I'm a horror novelist...)

The flavor of this state is intriguing. All of the counties and cities are different and vary widely from one another. For example, the city of Columbia is slowly being assimilated by the University of South Carolina, and no matter how much of it I see, there's always something new. (Once I discovered an old fashioned pub located on the basement floor of one of the skyscrapers.)

Reading this book also reminded me that I have to go ghost hunting again soon. Granted, so far I haven't been able to find much evidence, but I know strange things are out there. After all, I lived in a haunted house for a short period of time. And, to all of you skeptics out there, you'll change your tune once you see, hear, or feel, something that isn't possible. I sincerely hope that you do, it broadens your perspective on life.

Ghost hunting, especially with friends is a lot of fun. Get some cameras, tape recorders, a compass, and go. Half of the fun is seeing everyone getting very freaked out over something that turns out to be nothing--remind me to tell you the story of the cemetery balloon.

I plan to get my friends together soon to visit the most haunted city in the state, as well as one of the most haunted cities in the world, Charleston, SC. If I find anything I'll post pictures, and either way, I'm sure I'll have some amusing stories to tell. Wish me luck on that. Sometimes it's difficult to get everyone together, especially since many of my friends work on the weekends, but I still want to try. And, if not Charleston, I do have friends that know of other good places in the state to look.

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